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What is a profile?

A profile is an account on Hidaya Online Donation System where you can login to make your donation. By creating profile you save time every time you donate. You can create your own profile during your first donation. It is free and will make your online donation experience easy, secure and fast.

You can store your personal details like your name, mailing address, phone number and email address in your profile. You can change profile information at any time after you are logged in to your profile.

You may optionally store your bank checking account or credit card information in your profile. This information is encrypted in our database and only you can access it after logging in to your profile.

Your profile retains the history of your past online donations and gives you easy options to donate again. It also provides a report generation feature where you can print your donations for the specified date range for tax purposes.

How do I create my profile?

You can create your profile during your first online donation session. Select your donation categories and add them to your cart. Click Continue button to proceed to the next page.

On this page, please fill in your personal information. You will be using your email address along with your selected password to login to your profile. Make sure you enter a valid email address where you can receive an automated confirmation email.

Make sure Yes is selected for "Create a Profile for me" option (this will be the default selection). Enter a password you would like to use to login to this profile. Complete your checking account or credit card information depending on your selection. Click Donate button to verify your details and finish your donation.

You will be receiving a confirmation email and will have to click on the confirmation link in that email to activate your profile. Failure to do so will prohibit you from logging into your profile. If you do not receive the confirmation email within the next 24 hours, please contact us at along with your registration details.

How do I login to my profile?

Click Login link from the top menu bar. This will bring up a new window to enter your email address and password. If the password matches with the registered email address and you had activated your profile, it will log you in to your profile. The top menu will change to show additional links that are available to you.

How do I donate?

Donating online using Hidaya Online Donation System is a three step process.

If you already have an activated profile with us, you may login by clicking Login link from the top menu bar. Otherwise you can choose to setup a new profile in the second step of the donation process.

On the first step, you select the categories of donation you would like to make. You can select as many categories as you wish. You will be provided with the different options for each category. Your selected donations will appear in a list. You can remove any of your donations by selecting the appropriate donation from the list and clicking Remove button. Once you have selected all your donations, you may proceed to the second step by clicking Continue button.

If you are logged in to your profile, your personal information will be displayed along with any saved payment methods. You can change your personal information by clicking Update link if you like. You may select an existing payment method or provide a new checking account or credit card information. You can choose to save the new payment method for future use.

If you are not logged in and got an activated profile, you may login now by clicking Login link from the top menu bar.

If you do not have a profile, you will be asked to enter your personal details and the payment information. If you choose to setup a profile, you may do so by selecting a password for your profile. Enter any comments or feedback to us in the comment section.

Click Continue button to proceed to the third step to verify your donation details. You can change your donations by clicking on the Select Donation link on the top menu bar at any time. Once you are satisfied with all the details, click on Submit button once to make the donation. It takes a few seconds to complete the payment processing. Please be patient during that time.

You will see the result of the processing of your payment on the next page. If it was successful, you will receive an email with the donation details.

If there was an error during payment processing, make sure the checking account or credit card details are correct and retry your donation.

What is Quick Donate?

Quick Donate is the fastest way to donate on Hidaya Online Donation System. If you have created an user profile and stored atleast one payment method in your profile, you can use this feature. You will need to login to your profile first. Then select your donations and add to your donation cart. If you have atleast one payment method saved in your profile, you will see a Quick Donate button in addition to the regular Continue button.

If you have multiple payment methods, the first one will be used. This selection may be changed at any time from the My Profile page.

What if I have not received my email confirmation yet?

If you were successful in making the online donation an email will be automatically sent from account. If you did not receive this email, it might be blocked by your spam filter. Also make sure it is not in your spam or junk email folders. You may add our email address in your allowed list of emails to receive your donation receipt promptly if you find it in the junk mail.

If you did not get a confirmation number on the screen during your donation process, it is likely that the donation failed to process. Please contact us at giving the details of your donation so we may help you out.

Where can I find the CVV number on my Credit Card?

Sample Check

The CVV number is a 3 or 4-digit number, which is not part of the credit card number. It is typically printed on the back of a Visa or MasterCard credit card (usually in the signature field) and is 3 digits long.

For American Express cards, it is a 4 digit number and printed on the front of the card just above and to the right of the main credit card number.

Where can I find bank routing and account number on my Check leaf?

Sample Check

Routing Number is located between the |: |: symbols and is always 9 digits for an USA check. Please note that Hidaya Online Donation System does not accept checks issued by banks outside USA.

Why Check is preferred over Credit Card?

It costs only 30 cents per Check transaction regardless of the donation amount. For Credit Card transactions the fees are around 3% of the donation amount. Even if you are using a Debit card, it is processed as a Credit Card and the higher transaction fees are applied.

You need to be careful when making Zakat donation using Credit Card, as the transaction fees can be significant. Please make sure the additional fees are covered in your Zakat donation amount. Also make sure that you do not pay interest by missing your monthly Credit Card payment as interest is forbidden.

Can I use my PayPal account to donate online?

At this time Hidaya Online Donation System does not provide you the capability to use your PayPal account to fund your donations. You may save your checking account or credit card information in your profile for future use. This will allow you to easily and safely donate using Hidaya Online Donation System without re-entering the payment information. We assure you the highest level of privacy and security with your sensitive data.

Can I generate receipt for my online donations?

Once you are logged in to your profile, click My Donations link on the top menu bar. Enter the date range for which you would like to generate the report in the From Date and To Date fields. Click Generate button to generate your report. This report can be used for your tax purposes.

The report will appear in a new screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the report page and click Print Receipt button to send the report for printing.

How do I update my profile information?

Once you are logged in to your profile, click My Profile link on the top menu bar. You can change your personal details like address and phone number on this page. You will not be able to change your email address as it is linked to your profile.

You may also remove any existing credit card or checking account information by selecting the appropriate payment method and clicking Remove button.

How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in to your profile, click My Profile link on the top menu bar. Click on Change Password link near the top of the page in the Personal Information section. Enter your current password and the new password in the appropriate fields. Click Submit button to change your profile password. You will need to use the new password next time you login to your profile.

How do I reset my password?

You may reset your password if you are unable to remember your current password. Click Login link from the top menu bar to display the login window. On this window, click Forgot Password? link to get to the password reset window. Enter your registered email for your profile and click Submit button.

You will receive an email to your registered email address with your new password. It is advisable to change this password once you are logged in to your profile for security reasons.

Known Issues

  • If you are using Firefox browser to donate, login will display a resend warning as shown below:

    If you are using Internet Explorer browser to donate, login will display a resend warning as shown below:

    Please click on Resend or Retry button to complete your login. Any donations you had selected before login will be added again. Please remove them as appropriate.

  • While changing address from a non-US address to an US address fails to register. Please email us at your new US address and we can update it for you.